the drive

Not being able to see you, as drived a wedge between my heart

That thirst and that hunger built up for several days is now re-surfacing

But Now

I see you, I hear you, I talk to you

And its ok. I feel better.

After a long ass day of work, a day of stress, disrespect and lies

I come home and I see you, I feel you, and I need you

And everything is ok

We talk all night and release my tears

their is no one more than a lover who cares

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It is what it is🤨But I hate it anyway

I hate the way I feel when I look at you

I hate it, but it is what it is

How I feel fluster and high at the same time , like I’ve smoked weed

I hate it, but it is what it is

I hate that butterflies keeps swarming my belly whenever you do the smallest gesture

I hate it, but it is what it is

I hate that I keep expecting you to change
When I know you won’t

I hate it, but it is what it is

Even though I know that, that will never happen

I hate it, I hate that I still have hopes

I hate that I keep looking to see if you will some how be their when I need you

If you will be the man that I need

I hate it, but it is what it is

😏😉Weak Spot😉😏

Digging his fingernails in the depths of her arms, willing her to move closer. Close enough that she could feel every fiber of his being, every reaction scorching off her was torture, all the teasing she had done without knowing the consequences of her actions had come to bite her in the ass.

“Come closer to me.” he whispered. And even the sound of his voice tortured her in more ways than one. The way his words and tone caressed her, made her feel as if she could die a happy woman when this was all over.

“Don’t you want me anymore.” He whispered as he slowly lean forward and gently grazed his lips along her jaw line, planting little kisses toward her earlop.

“I can tell you really want this Liz, just give in.” Murmured Tom slowly as he continued to tease her effortlessly.

“How-w” stuttered Liz as her body began to react even more. “How can you tell.” She murmured

“Because I can just tell.” He said with a smile as he trailed kisses from her left ear down to her neck.

“Mhmmm” she moaned softly with a shiver

“Just like I can tell, that your weak spot is right here.” And he trailed kisses back up to her ear and this time he went behind her ear, down her neck and down the village of peace.

“Damn, you smell amaz-


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Does Liz give in to her needs or does she stop Tom from enjoying her village of peace?

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“Guess you don’t know that your beautiful”

I see the beauty in you

Guess you didn’t know that your beautiful

I Guess

Guess you can’t see the beauty that I see when I look at you

I Guess

Guess you can’t see how amazing and wonder you are

I Guess

Poetry ❤😉The beauty of Nature


Nature is pure and Natural in truth

The beauty that lies is greater than few

A pinch of Beauty, A Pinch of Grace

Their is nothing more than the love that can’t be negotiate

Be happy

Remember to Smile

Remember to Laugh

Remember to put your heart in tact

Remember the good days

Remember the bad

Remember that your heart should never be Sad

Bring back the laughter

Bring back the days

Bring the love that which we once craved